05 January 2011

Networked learning playlist

So after seeing Dave Cormier's videos on MOOCs, or networked learning, I got all inspired to update the Wikipedia entry and my Youtube playlist.

My playlist now has Dave's videos, and some great look backs to some old ones by Will Richardson, George Siemens, Michael Wesch, Jim Groom and Gardner Campbell. Topics covered include deschooling, edupunk, net neutrality, digital literacy, metaweb, social networks and connectivity.

May great videos keep coming throughout 2011, and if you know one you think ought to be included, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, Leigh - for some strange reason I've never checked to see if my favourite author had any interviews posted on the net anywhere, and it's the first time I've heard Asimov's voice!

I guess that goes to show: if you search for information, you will find it. The hard part is the critical thought, the filter that you use to ask the hard questions "is this information reliable? Can I trust this source?"

That's the hardest bit, filtering through the dross.

Leigh Blackall said...

Nice to know it helped you. I think the problem you describe is in many ways solved by being connected to a network. Relying on others to point out, answer and set you right. And so the suggestion here is that the critical thought is more towards your network consciousness. How do you know you're not in an echo chamber of group think? I don't know. But if someone shouts out an accusation, I listen, look, ask, and shift my network a little to accommodate that voice, and to help work it out.