11 April 2011


I've been invited to talk tonight, at the University of Canberra's Faculty of Business and Government Business Resource Showcase 2011.

I'll be sticking with ubiquity in this 15min, end of the evening talk, and taking the opportunity to flex some of the ideas I've been working on in the essay-in-progress, Ubiquitous Learning - a critique.

Here's the slides

The links and references for this talk are at http://delicious.com/leighblackall/ubiquity

I'll try and record audio and add it to a Slideshare copy tomorrow.


Leigh Blackall said...

TALO discussion

botheredbybees said...

Hi Leigh, hope the talk went well. I've been thinking a bit about how some converging technologies will affect the ubiquitous learning scene. It starts with the plummeting cost of personal storage (2 terrabytes for less than $100) - which means we're close to being able to record our every waking moment without breaking the bank. Couple this with something like Path (which allows for fine tuning of who sees what - a privacy enabled facebook if you like). Add social bookmarking/tagging we're set for a collection of activities that will overshadow the library of congress in a week. Want to see how to lay a course of bricks? - watch it being done in 14 different cultures... or from 3 different viewpoints (the bricky, the bricky's labouror and the builder) - add some smarts that render 3D images from video and you've got a virtual world ready learning object set up for some interaction.
Want to encourage people to develop these 'real life' resources? Add an interface like Kickstart.org so that end users can vote on where the government spends it's education dollars