15 November 2011

I need a job

Last week, I was given notice by the University of Canberra that my services would be no longer needed. As much as I have tried to show that the opposite might be the case, my submissions to policy and strategy reviews, my demonstrations of new teaching practices, the research and development projects I manage, and the events I have coordinated, have not had the intended impact... On the 23 December I will be unemployed.

Yep, that's pretty rotten timing and I have a bit of a bad feeling about this one, so I'm using this blog to try and find an opportunity elsewhere.

In my CV (recently designed for recruitment agencies) I try to state what sort of work I'm looking for:

To gain full time employment in a dynamic organisation that draws on my strengths in research, innovation, teaching and policy in social media, online communications, networked learning and education.

Actually, to find part-time work along these lines, that paid enough to cover the bills would be perfect :) that would give me a little more time to hang out with Eve, and fiddle with those crazy experiments I do from time to time. We all live in hope.

Here's that CV in full:


So far I've sat a couple of interviews with private enterprises, including a media and PR firm interested in social media work, and I intend on making contact with a few educational organisations I've seen advertising positions too. I hope to find an organisation more ready for the ideas and methods I've been developing consistently over the last 10 years. If you know anyone looking for someone like me, or see something come up that you think I should apply for, please let me know.


Nancy White said...

Oh, Leigh, I'm so sorry and surprised and sad. I'll keep a lookout for any short term consulting work that I see floating around and sending lots of beams to all the family.

Sarah Stewart said...

Good luck :)

Brett said...

Hi Leigh, that is bad news. Keep your chin up. I'll keep my eye out for you. Middle of next year we have a sports management major in the Bachelor of Business starting at JCU Brisbane. Hopefully you'll have found something by then, but if not get in touch.

Jenny Mackness said...

I'm really sorry to hear this. How will this affect your PhD? It's probably no consolation but they do say that when one door closes, another better one opens :-)

Mary said...

Good luck, Leigh. Have tweeted to my networks for you.

Jason Washington-King said...

That is sad to hear mate.

Any interest in moving to the West?

I can ask my boss and some of my networks here if you have any interest.

Jeffrey Keefer said...

Sending you positive vibes across the water. All the best, and will let you know if I hear anything via distance.

worldconnections said...

hi there. Greetings from the Pacific Northwest!
Recently I came across an article that may be of interest to you:
Also, have you tried to connect to linkedin.com to gain access to a wider community of lerners and professionals. That may open up more job opportunities for you.

Sean FitzGerald said...

Good luck Leigh!

Perhaps you need to OccupyAJob (i.e. take or create one rather than wait for the powers-that-be to grant one).

Leigh Blackall said...

Thanks everyone, for the well wishes, they were not missed. Jenny, this has no impact on my PhD, because it was self directed, informally conducted anyway. The only thing that does have an influence is time, same for us all.

I'm not rushing into anything yet, using the Christmas period to think about things more. Sunshine sends me 3 jobs a day, and every 3rd day or so something looks close enough, so I tell the web forms my worth and wait to hear back. Really, I don't expect to hear anything on them until after the new year, and expect more than half of them to be positions already filled internal to the organisation.

Priority for Sunshine and I at the moment, is to keep from freaking out. Hope everything your side is as good as it can be, and that you're not wasting any time.