25 November 2011

Translated to Spanish

Diego Leal has, along with a few others, translated to Spanish some video statements I made in 2009 on the relevance of education.

They're perhaps not the best words I've ever used to introduce my thinking on the matter, and I hope Diego might also consider, Teaching in Dead, Long Live Learning or The Disconnect Between Education and Learning. But I realise that might be asking too much ;)

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Diego Leal said...

Hi there, Leigh!

To be fair, it's worth saying that this was an out-of-nowhere (and quite short) interview :) , so definitely it leaves out a lot of things. Thanks for doing it, anyway!

One of the most difficult things with translations is to get a good transcription to start with. So here's the deal: If you do the transcription of the talks you mention, I'll try and help with the Spanish translation. From there, it's very easy for anyone (anywhere!) to create new translations.

If you're game, just let me know! ;-)