17 February 2012

UBC does a wiki right

UBC Wiki Content – To Go

While I wish UBC had of joined the Wikiversity project and built social capital and influence there, their decision to be their own 'control freaks' is giving them the space to innovate. They're making their developments available to other MediaWiki developers. I really hope Wikiversity will notice their embed code feature.


Anonymous said...

Your ability to turn a compliment into an insult never ceases to amaze me.

Brian said...

Hey Leigh,

I think cross-institutional wiki projects are immensely valuable. When we present wikis to our university community, we make sure people are aware of Wikiversity and WikiEducator. We've also had well-attended events promoting the Wikipedia Education Program, and have begun to get instructors here involved (following up on Jon Beasley-Murray's amazing work). The discussions with people from Wikimedia have been very promising, and hopefully we will have some good collaborations to report in the future.

There was a time where I thought our unit should get out of the blog and wiki hosting business... but for various legal and cultural reasons I am glad we kept at it. For one thing, a lot of the material on the UBC Wiki is very UBC-specific (http://wiki.ubc.ca/Bars_and_Pubs_on_Campus or http://wiki.ubc.ca/Library:Branches)... the reuse is mainly within our institution. There is a lot of content in our "Sandbox" area (student group brainstorming, sci-fi movie clubs, etc...) that is very informal, but I am glad we can facilitate it.

There are a few other developments that I hope will allow the UBC Wiki to be more of a contributor to global open education, we should be rolling them out in coming months.