18 February 2012

Work is not social?

“you simply can’t train people to be social!”

Harold and Jane are reflecting on the difficulty of changing workplaces into socially networked, collaborative spaces. I get to thinking if they are confronting Deschooling?


Stephen Downes said...

By 'confronting' do you mean 'challenging'?

Because I think what they're doing is embracing some of the central concepts of Deschooling Society.

Leigh Blackall said...

Yes, my wording was sloppy. I meant to suggest that the difficulties they are describing are those that Illich attributed to schooling. What Harold and Jane are attempting to establish inside workplaces is a culture of conviviality. Conviviality (in this context, open, networked, collaborative work culture) is what Illich proposed as 'deschooling'.