17 March 2012

For all the teachers out there

Watch "What Teachers Make by Taylor Mali" on YouTube

What teachers make

Is there a subtext in this, or is it just me. Yeah.. Just me.


Graham Wegner said...

Having sat through quite a few staff meetings, PD sessions where this video gets trotted out to "inspire" the troops at the chalkface, I'd be very interested in what you believe the subtext is. I just don't like it because it is too simplistic and gives many educators an "out" from actually considering how they actually tackle the learning process and cater for their students' needs. But your comment is intriguing and I'd rather not guess as what you see or hear from this video - what do you really think?

Leigh Blackall said...

Well mate, before I realised it was a pep talk, I thought it was a piss take, showing that teachers are bullies. I saw bullying and the taking of peoples self determination. Soon after watching it, I found the other video School Sucks: The American Version. Which I blogged after this post.

Graham Wegner said...

Thanks for clarifying that, Leigh. I never really viewed it as a form of satire but you mentioning that does open up a new point of view that I hadn't expected. I'd better watch the next video you posted to get the full picture.
The concept of teacher as bully is one that causes me discomfort - not because I disagree - but because I sit well entrenched in the system that Mali is speaking to.