29 March 2012

Good awareness in interviews about open education

How Open Education Can Transform Learning | MindShift

Nicely summarised both in the text and the video. Primary points resignating to me were the realities of access, and the increasing gap between not only those with and without access, but between those who can capitalise on the opportunities, and those who can't. That last point stats to touch on my concerns about neo colonialism through open education.


Sheri Oberman said...

leigh could you elaborate a bit on neo-colonization through open access, please. Who is colonizing:r the opportunists who have access and can take advantage of it the colonists?

Who r being colozied; the oor sots without the wherewithal to access?

Leigh Blackall said...

Hi Sheri, the mobile app for Blogger is pretty limited, so referencing my remarks with hyperlinks is sometimes neglected. Here are posts I have written on neo-colonialism, most of them relating to OER. The author Chet Bowers writes about it too, and I summarise one of his books in one of those posts. Illich also, most notably but indirectly "To Hell With Good Intentions". Hope that gets you somewhere.