03 April 2012

Guy living in a Teepee on a lake in Canberra

Teepee battle heads to court

I really admire this guy. Rents, not just student rents, have inflated well above indexed levels in Australia, more so in places like Canberra (and Darwin). Its even better that his protest has the support of indigenous elders. Unfortunately, the hostile comments are indicative of the narrow mindedness in Australia that prevents any real solidarity around just about all issues.


Alexander Hayes said...

Agreed on Canberra prices.

Anonymous said...

Not only that but this is a specific complaint of how UC took management of the student residences away from the student association and sold it to the lowest bidder "Campus Living Villages" aka Transfield Holdings Group who proceeded to hike up prices in devious ways (fines, unneeded and undelivered maintenance fees etc, utility charges) while the university turns a blind eye. Troublemakers who know their rights like the young man in the article are harassed with room inspections until they leave. In fact that's the only comment from the CLV company so far (at 3:35 in this clip http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-03-02/teepee-student/3866136) "No one has to live with us, they can go elsewhere and pay market rates". Thank god UC at least commissioned CLV's rival UniLodge to really define those market rates this year.