20 November 2012

Peak Oil Company

Prototype 005
I've very sparingly updated on progress with the Peak Oil Company, but I think I've made a minor milestone worth mentioning. FInally, I've settled on a design for the jacket - 4 or 5 prototypes down. I had this breakthrough after sinking the dollars and buying a walking foot sewing machine and going crazy with it. The jacket design is simple to make, easy to size and modify, gives a good range of movement, and looks pretty cool if I do say so myself. So far I've made it in oilskin, canvas and ventile.

Check out full progress at http://peakoilcompany.com.

Maybe you Northerners are interested in getting a custom made jacket for cost price?

Prototype 004


Joss Winn said...

As you know, I think your jackets (and your other garments) are about as good as I've seen. I'm very impressed with how you're iterating the design and construction. Good luck with the business, Leigh. Can you email me your current prices? Thanks.

Mungo Jones said...

Hi Leigh,

Well done on the design and energy
to get these through prototype. They look great.

I know it would be slightly ironic given the name/ethos, but have you thought of making a jacket for a motorcycle - or in my case, a scooter? The Kanga leather got me thinking, and what looked like padding on the elbows(?)...Mungo

Leigh Blackall said...

I sure have thought of that Mungo. Kanga skins are about 70 a pop, and we'd need at least 5 to make a full jacket. Labour would be about 200 on top. Question is then, fur on or off? :-) I reckon it would be a lovely jacket, and I would LOVE to make it. Equally nice would be a black oil skin, lined with tweed, and kanga on the elbows, forearms, shoulders, and hips. Personally, I'd go for fur on the hips. What do you say, shall we measure you up?