09 November 2012

Qualitative Analysis of Learning

Qualified Self and Learning Analytics: from Quantification to Qualification

I think the learning analytic research should move from the current practice of doing quantitative data analyses to include in it qualitative analyses. The quantified self should be expanded to be qualified self.


Sheri Oberman said...

The reason that quantitative research dominated research may be related to the era of modernism and psychometrics..

A research methodology based on the Arts promises to investigate educational research questions with art media.

Frankenstein, the Mary Shelley, may be the first piece of 'arts-based' research directed at the effects of new technologies.

Certainly arts-based research could explore the effects of new communications technologies, speaking robots, Artificial Intelligence, algorithmic learning formulas upon learning creating the context of edutopia or edcopalypse.

here is a reference list:


iLearn said...

I support online education but in these studies how exactly will the art media be used to come up with conclusive results.