13 November 2013

Help for Villa, in Baybay, Leyte

Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has affected Sunshine's family.

This past few days I've been trying to help Sunshine get accurate information on the situation for her family in Baybay Leyte. Unsurprisingly, Australian news agencies have been slow to report or update the event, and are spreading misinformation and panic, but Twitter hashtags and Wikipedia edits are helping us cut through all that. 

We finally started hearing from family yesterday, and all are accounted for, but they are without food.

Sunshine's father is on his way there now, taking a boat from Cebu to Baybay to escort food to family asap. To assist with this, Sunshine has started an effort to take donations (not toward the travel, but directly to supplies). So, if you're still wondering if or how you might help, know that this way you're helping directly.

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