20 January 2016

The hateful professionals and the great unwashed

I was watching TV the other night. Rare thing - as I value my mental well being. I noticed an ad for "Elite Singles" a dating site that I assume somehow filters out low class people so as to give some sort of class assurance to the database.

A disturbing development along side the growth of other class based services and demand. First class and business class travel is something I particularly loath.

I started wondering where this is all heading, whether or not by design. The tendency of our culture to view others through the lense of the great unwashed. And for many of those in the great unwashed to sometimes behave in the most basic of ways. Aussie bogans come to mind, as do the tasteless "new money" people found throughout suburban Australia, and behind the handlebar of every jetski on the water.

The "great democratic leveling" that was so promising about the Internet and particularly social media, has taken a turn for the worse. About the same time as the hateful and disparaging professional class finally came online, bringing their institutions, dogmatic establishment, stereotyped cultural narratives and disproportionate access to resources.

There was a time when those disabling professionals chose to ignore the Internet and social media, and in that time we had a chance at a cultural awakening that I would've called Webism. Pity, because the hateful professions have gain direct access to the data of the great unwashed, and will all too easily use it to reinforce their pre - existing notions and destroy the hope for that awakening. At the same time the social mobility that used to give members of the unwashed an opportunity to infiltrate and re orientate the professional and cultural disablers, have closed up.

Extreme division on access, privilege and class is our future, for many generations to come.

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