24 November 2016

Mind mapping networked learning thesis 001

Back to the Open and Networked PhD, Jon Mason emailed me a link to a quite helpful guide to writing a research proposal, by DR Rowland for the University of Queensland.

One of the first suggestions it makes is mind mapping. I've always been reluctant to use mind mapping, given its limited use communicating to others and primary use of internal organisation of thoughts.. but this time I gave it a go.. I'm not sure if it has helped me, perhaps a little, but I still feel a bit perplexed on direction and focus..

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Nick Stone said...

Looks interesting, far-reaching and important. Reminds me of my own overly ambitious initial attempts to make an elephant bite-sized.

My 1st supervisor kept throwing insults at me like 'stop trying to save the world'. While he should be sued for false pretenses and misleading direction, one thing I would advise myself, if it were possible in the time machine, would be to:
1. chart all the possibilities and passions, doesn't matter how, short-hand, mind-map, freehand etc.
2. have a good vent, then
3. sit down and work with more experienced, onside advisors to carve out something achievable, within given resources and time.

Maintain the rage in calm, focused channels that will reach enough others and still jump the hoops.

The only sort of worthwhile snippet my 3rd/co-supervisor offered was 'it's all about letting go'. He should also be sued for negligence and arrogance.